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I am excited about this season of my life!


Joy is the oldest of five children, and the daughter of an ordained Assemblies of God minister. She is also credentialed with the A/G. In 1949 she married Bud Kerley. They had two children, a son Kim, and a daughter, Karla and six Grandchildren. Bud and Joy served in their local church as Sunday School Superintendent, youth leaders, and teachers. The Kerley family has traveled, sung, and ministered in several states, and overseas in Japan, Mexico, Israel, Hawaii, Africa, and the Ukraine. They have sponsored Holy Land tours and ski camps in Colorado. They won the Liberty Bell Award from the Stephens County Bar Association in 1972. The Kerleys were founders and directors of Teen Round-Up Inc. in 1965, until Bud's home going in 2002. TR is a 40-acre farm turned into a retreat center for youth an families. For 23 years, hundreds of young people came once a month for an exciting program in the "Big Red Barn". Events included, Hawaiian Luaus, Spanish Fiestas, Hee Haw with Lu Lu Roman, Western with Dale Evans, and evangelistic with Nicky Cruz. Attendance went as high as 2000. From 1977 - 1997, TR sponsored youth and kid's camps every summer. Free camps for under-privileged children was instituted in 1997 by Kim and Roxanne Kerley, and since then nearly 1000 children a year are served.Joy has been teaching family seminars since 1971. The subject matter includes 'How to be the ideal wife ore husband,' 'Communication,' and 'A better sex life.' She has also taught in District youth camps and TR youth camps, on 'Dating', 'Sex', and 'marriage'. She loves entertaining at banquets for civic clubs, churches, schools and reunions.Joy has recorded a singing CD entitled, 'God on the mountain'. She and her family have recorded six family albums. She has written two illustrated books, 'Spouse Spats' for married couples, and 'Guys vs. Gals, World War III', for teenagers.



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